I’ve been in the mountains with Nigel both in summer and winter conditions. Regardless of what the weather throws at you, you can be assured that he will display a calm, efficient and friendly disposition. He’s always at the center of an oasis of calmness, wherever you are and whatever your doing.Nigel L, International Mountain Leader
Being a Yorkshire girl and totally spoilt by my wonderful surroundings for which I count my blessings daily, my expectations when exploring other areas are always high! However, my time spent in the stunning Aosta valley, where the sun always seems to shine, with Wild Alps and it’s founder Nigel Higgins just blew me away. I almost feel like I left part of my heart behind. Nigel’s effervescent personality and infectious enthusiasm for exploring the wild outdoors totally transcends, creating a very magical and special experience. Carrie Broadbent
If I was ever going to do a Alps hike I would go back to Wild Alps. The first time I did it solo I was unprepared and didn’t know what anything about my environment. I’ve hiked before but nothing in comparison to what the Alps had to offer. Nigel picked the mountain and trail that was best for me. Came prepared with the right equipment and made 7 hour hike enjoyable. The feeling you get come conquering that mountain and the view made it all worth it. Domonick Giorgianni
Wild Alps Adventure give a whole new meaning to the word adventure. I’ve been on quite a few treks with them and if breathtaking view, great company and a truly magical experience is what you are looking for, look no further. Nigel’s hikes will challenge you but you will be rewarded with the most amazing sceneries, and his stories of the history, flora and fauna of the area will enchant you and make you want to move to Italy. You can rely on Wild Alps Adventure to take you way beyond the mountain. Alyx Logan
Big thanks to Wild Alps Adventure for an unforgettable trip! It had everything we wanted and more; challenge, safety, serenity, fun, breathtaking views and two of the most adorable dogs we’ve ever met. Nigel is a fantastic guide and a wealth of knowledge, he knew how much to push us but we always felt safe and under control. Wild Alps is a great choice for anyone looking to see a different side to these beautiful mountains.Ramzy Bamieh